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Mighty Howard County Fair

Fair Sponsors

Fair Sponsor Categories & Details

LevelAmount Per YearCommitmentPermanent SignageFair Week SignageNotes
Grand Champion$2,0003 years4’h x 16’w4’ x 8’ bannerSponsorship includes Fair Day Sponsor. 12 current year Fair Grandstand Buttons included.
Reserve Champion$1,5003 years4’h x 8’w4’ x 6’ banner6 current year Fair Grandstand Buttons included.
Blue Ribbon$1,0001 yearNot Available3’ x 6’ banner4 current year Fair Grandstand Buttons included.
Red Ribbon$5001 yearNot Available3’ x 4’ banner
White Ribbon$3001 yearNot Available3’ x 3’ banner
Participation RibbonUnder $3001 yearNot AvailableSponsors in this level will be combined onto one banner, with banner size determined upon layout.

(All Sponsors, regardless of Level, are invited to the Fair’s Sponsor Appreciation Banquet, held the week prior to the Fair.)

Signage TypeNotes
Permanent SignageAll-weather permanent signs are located on outside of race track fence along 7th Street West. (See photo below). Signs are made using a commercial grade vinyl graphic over a Corplex polycarbonate panel that is a high density & weather resistant material that will withstand the elements. Permanent signs are left up year-round.
Fair Week SignageFair week signage are individual (unless noted) vinyl banners displayed during Fair week. Banners will be placed around the fairgrounds in high traffic areas. Banners to include sponsor logo, website (if available) and one-line contact information (phone number).
Social Media PromotionsSocial Media Promotions: The Fair uses several avenues of social media to promote its sponsors. These include Face Book, Text alerts/messaging, special sponsor photos where available and other media as developed. Social media promotions of all sponsors are held throughout the year.
Electronic Displays:There are large screen TVs and A/V screens located in several high traffic buildings on the fairgrounds. These are controlled via a single source controller located in the Fair office. These continually display sponsor information, daily schedules, message alerts (weather related for example) grandstand and grounds entertainment updates, youth livestock and static exhibit updates. Live stream of livestock shows is also be done as available.
Website:A special ‘Sponsor Page’ is on the Fair website listing all of the sponsors, using sponsor logos and other information as available.
Daily Fair Sponsor:Grand Champion sponsor will be a sponsor of a day during the Fair. Extra media promotions will be provided for the day sponsors.

(For more information, please contact any member of the Sponsor/Marketing Committee. They include Janice Ollendick (563-419-0623), Dean Lickteig (563-547-0444), Michael Ollendick (563-380-9224) and Tom Barnes (641-220-4408). )

2023 Livestock Show

Livestock Awards & SPonsors

Thank you to our sponsors for this year’s livestock awards. You are an important part of making this possible!

2023 Fair Partners

Entertainment & Competition Partners

The following businesses, organizations and individuals are sponsoring the various events, entertainment venues, attractions, and activities at your Mighty Howard County Fair. Support them and tell them you appreciate their support of your Fair.

Mighty Howard County Fair

Reserve Champion Sponsors

Mighty Howard County Fair

Blue Ribbon Sponsors

Mighty Howard County Fair

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Mighty Howard County Fair

White Ribbon Sponsors

Mighty Howard County Fair

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