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Howard County

Historical Preservation Center

Howard County Historical Society

Historical Preservation Center

A joint venture between the Howard County Agricultural Society and the Howard County Historical Society, The new Howard County Historical Preservation & Education Center features four specific areas. These include 2 areas of museum display, an education and multi-use area, and administration offices. In all, the new Center totals 14,250 square feet.

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14,250 sqft, 4 sections

The largest museum area, 7,000 square feet, is devoted to the display of larger artifacts, relating to agricultural, industrial and home life exhibits.

The second museum area is 1,500 square feet, and is used by the Historical Society as a center for precious displays, such as photographs, coins, books, clothing, old records and the like. This area of the Center is heated and air conditioned, and serves as the formal office area and main entry into the Center. Also located in this area the “Wall of Honor” that recognizes all donors to the Center.

The third are of the facility, The Featherlite Center, serves as the education center of the facility. This area is 3,500 square feet and features in-floor heat, air conditioning, and has seating for 150 persons. Also included in this area is a kitchenette and ADA compliant restrooms. The Featherlite Center is available to the public for all types of events including meetings, trainings, gatherings and related activities. This area also serves as the “ Creative Activities Center” during the Mighty Howard County Fair, as it houses Fair’s arts and crafts, textiles, flowers and other related competitive exhibits, and features contests and demonstrations that highlight the area’s heritage.


ADA Compliant, Open to All

The forth area of the Center serves as the office for the Howard County Agricultural Society, as well as the office for the Howard County Fair.

The Center fully ADA compliant featuring easy access restrooms for both men and women, and a wide sidewalk surrounding the east and south side, offering easy access for all persons to visit the various parts of the Center. In addition, the Center is designed for any future expansions.

The outside area around the museum is landscaped with trees, shrubs, several flower beds and other landscape features. Memorial benches are placed along the sidewalks, offering ample seating to visitors. The landscaping, walks and benches complement the Center, making the area around the Center attractive and inviting to visitors.


Made Possible by People Like You

Donor Information

Both financial contributions and artifact donations are accepted, and needed. Those wishing to donate artifacts, ranging from home life items, agricultural equipment and industrial relics of the Howard County Community should contact the Howard County Historical Society. Financial contributions are welcomed to help sustain the Center and its artifacts throughout the upcoming years.

Historical Society President

Barb Prochaska


Alternate Contact

Tom Barnes

Send a Donation

Monetary donors will be recognized on a “Wall of Honor” in the Historical Museum. Every donor to the Center will be featured on this display by engraving each donor’s information on the display.

Multi-year payments (up to 3 years) are an option to assist donors in making their commitment to the project.

Send To:

Howard County Agricultural Society
Attn: Museum Fund
P.O. Box 83
Cresco , IA 52136

The Howard County Agricultural Society is a not-for-profit organization in the State of Iowa and
is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501-c3 tax-exempt organization.
Your gift is considered a charitable donation and therefore could be tax deductible.
Check with your tax preparer.