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Howard County Fairgrounds

Expo Center

Howard County Fairgrounds

Expo Center

The Expo Center, located on the Howard County Fairgrounds is a fully licensed facility, easily accommodating most all functions, such as wedding receptions, trade shows, business meetings, community and private events, auctions and gatherings.


Rental Rate

Rental rate includes three days for wedding receptions.


Years Of Fun Await!

Expo Center Details

Expo CEnter Details


Banquet Tables

60 - 30" x 96" banquet tables available for use.

Round Tables

32 - 60" round tables available for use.

Seats 530

Our facility has seating for up to 530 people.

ADA Accessibility

Our facility is fully ADA accessible, including restrooms.

Full Kitchen

Access to range, counters, roasters, coffee pots, sinks, fridges, ice machine and dumpster.

Forced Heat

Our building features forced air heating.

Air Conditioned

Our entire building is air conditioned.

Ample Parking

We have plenty of parking to accommodate all guests.

WiFi Access

Our wireless internet access is available to all guests.


All caterers welcome, at option of renter.


Available for guests - 50 amp electric, water, dump station access.

Built In P/A

A basic public address system is built into the venue.

DJs / Live band

Large stage, with electrical to accommodate any DJ or Live Band.


Outlets are strategically placed throughout the venue, and on stage.


Ceiling mounted projector and retractable screen available for use.

Expo Center Details

Catering & Decorating

The following is a list of vendors available for decoration, cake creation, and catering.

Ward & Judy Curtis

Curtis Trees & Gifts

(563) 547-4240

3258 333rd Avenue Cresco, IA
(5 miles Northeast of Cresco on Hwy 139)

Tammy Brink

Party Island (Canton, MN)

  • Lighted Backdrop
  • Table & Chair Linens
  • Rentals, Arches, etc.
  • Full decorating service available

(563) 419-5784

Party Island 2 Go (Facebook)

Kayla Smith

Pocketful of Posies

  • Flowers, Arrangements, Bouquets, etc.
  • Table Decorations, Back Drops
  • Table Linens and Napkins
  • Total Event Planner

(641) 394-3377
24 East Main Street, New Hampton, IA 50659


Wedding Cakes & Related

Catering Options

Waucoma, IA

M&M Catering

Spring Valley, MN

Buster's Country Meats

Waucoma, IA

Lynch BBQ Company

Calmar, IA

U2 BBQ & Catering

Cresco, IA

Mike McAllister

Expo Center Details

Expo Center Layout

Expo Center Details

Bar Arrangements

Expo Bartenders Having Fun 10 28 2023

Expo Center is a “Class C” Iowa licensed liquor establishment. Bar arrangements can be tailored to all events, including an ‘open’ bar, or a ‘cash’ bar or combination of both. Being the Expo Center is a licensed facility, all beverages must be purchased from the Expo Center. Absolutely no carry-ins allowed at any time.

Pursuant to Iowa Code, no persons under 21 years of age will be allowed to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages on the Howard County Fairgrounds complex. Proper ID is required to verify proof of age. All violators will be turned over to local authorities for prosecution.

Expo Bar features:

  • Liquor by the drink, featuring most all popular spirits, competitively priced
  • Can and bottle beers. Selection includes Budweiser, Bud Light, Bud Select 55, Busch N/A, Busch Light, Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy, Michelob Ultra, Michelob Golden Draft Light, Miller High Life, Miller Lite, Coors Light, Grainbelt, Angry Orchard Crisp Apple, Corona, Blue Moon, Guinness Draught, Redd’s Apple Ale, Fat Tire, Old Style, Old Milwaukee, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Toppling Goliath’s Dorothy’s & Pseudo Sue. Special offerings can be arranged.
  • Flavored bottle drinks including wine coolers, Mike’s Black Cherry & Lemonade, Smirnoff Ice & Raspberry and White Claw Hard Setlzer.
  • Variety of bottled wines and champagne. Stock wines are Sutter Home, and stock champagne is Balletore Grand Spumante. Other types of wines and champagnes are available by request.
  • Soft drinks featuring Pepsi products. Bottled water is offered.
  • Bartenders are provided.
  • Update: Keg Beer is no longer available.

Expo Center Details

Rental Guidelines

NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are allowed on the fairgrounds and in the Expo Center other than those sold or provided by the Expo Center. The Expo Center is a licensed Class C vendor, and all alcoholic beverages must be purchased from the Expo Center. Alcoholic beverages found on the fairgrounds property that were not provided through the Expo Center will be confiscated. All persons are expected to abide by the laws of Iowa concerning the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and the use of narcotic substances. Persons found to be in violation of these laws will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Pursuant to Iowa Code, no persons under 21 years of age will be allowed to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages on the Howard County Fairgrounds complex. Proper ID is required to verify proof of age. All violators will be turned over to local authorities for prosecution.

Expo Center lease is $750.

Renter shall make arrangements with Expo Center manager to receive a key for the Center. If the event is a wedding reception, Renter can have access to the Expo Center 2 days prior to the wedding reception. For example, typically a wedding reception is held on a Saturday, so the renter shall have access the Thursday prior to the wedding reception. Renter is asked to vacate the Expo Center on the day after the renter’s event by 1:00 p.m.

Contact the Expo Center Manager for specific details on your event.
The Expo Center is protected with an intrusion alarm system and is monitored by video surveillance.

WIFI is provided at no charge to the renter and guests.

The Expo Center has a ceiling mounted video projector and retractable screen. Contact the manager for details on use and any fees involved.

Expo Center setup shall comply with safety guidelines by the CDC and/or the State of Iowa.

Hand sanitizing dispensers are in several location in the Expo Center.

Food service shall follow Iowa Department of Inspections & Appeals safety guidelines.

Renter and guests are expected to abide by current Public Health guidelines.

Renter shall set up tables and chairs for their event. When the event is over, renter shall wipe down all tables and chairs and put them away on the provided storage racks. Expo Center custodians will clean and sanitize the Center after the event. Renter is asked to pick up the area outside of the Center after the event.

Renter is to responsible for any and all decorations used for the event. Absolutely no nails, tacks, pins or other mechanaical fasteners may be used in putting up decorations. The Expo has hooks in place for hanging decorations. No decorations may be hung from the suspended ceiling, as the ceiling is not designed to hold up the added weight. Renter is responsible for taking down all decorations after function (what the renter puts up, tapes up or sets up will be taken down by the Renter). This includes all ribbons, tapes, etc. Renter is to remove all tape and such from under tables, on walls, etc.

Only tape allowed is a non-residue type of tape. Duct tape cannot not be used on any surface!! No tape of any type on the floor!!

Prohibited Decorations: Glitter, confetti and helium filled decorations are not allowed.

Bartenders for all events are provided by the Expo Center. “Last Call” at the Bar will be approximately 20 minutes prior to the end of the evening dance. “Last Call” be no later than 12:30 a.m. Renter is to arrange with Expo Center manager exact times of event.

Complimentary beverages may be offered to Renter’s guests during the event. Complimentary beverages must be paid for by Renter the day of the event. Once a beverage container is opened, purchaser will pay for the full container price of the product.

MasterCard, Visa and Discovery credit cards are accepted. A convenience fee shall be added to all credit card purchases over $100. The fee is 4% of total to be charged to the credit card.

Renter to provide heavy duty trash bags (yard & garden size) for disposal of rubbish used for the Renter’s event. Renter is to pick up all trash inside and outside of Expo Center. Garbage dumpster is provided for disposal of rubbish. Dumpster is available for fairgrounds events only, and not for use by the general public.

Prohibited materials in dumpster: leaves, tree branches, vines, evergreens, flowers, masonry, cooking oils/grease, glass and cardboard cannot be disposed of in the dumpster. Renter is responsible for proper disposal of these items. All glass and cardboard must be taken to Hawkeye Recycling.

Renter is to clean up kitchen area, including any utensils used. Renter is to clean all equipment used, including coffee pots, roasters, stove, refrigerators, sinks and counter tops, using a cleaning agent. Any oils used in cooking cannot be disposed of the garbage dumpster. Renter is responsible for the proper disposal of all cooking oils used for the event.

Renter is to make arrangements for access to the Expo by caterers, suppliers, workers and others who have been hired or retained by the Renter for the event.
Renter is to insure doors are shut and locked. The side doors are for emergency use, and are not for general public use. The exception is one side door is made available for the band/DJ hired by the renter for load and unload of music equipment. Lights are to be shut off when leaving.

Smoking is not allowed in the Expo Center and all other buildings on the fairgrounds.

Get In Touch With Us!

Expo Center Rental Inquiry

For more information and available dates for the Expo Center please use the contact form or check the calendar using the button below.

Contact Tom Barnes for lease details and more information.

Executive Secretary

Tom Barnes

(563) 547-4996  –  expo@mhcfair.com

P.O. Box 83 Cresco , IA 52136

Years Of Fun Await!

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